The Rape of Mary

The Rape of Mary

It’s not easy being a mother.  We’re not given instruction manuals when we give birth to our children.  It’s even more complicated when one or more of your children have mental health complications.  My youngest daughter Mary was diagnosed as having Asperger syndrome at around the age of 12.  Since that first diagnosis, her behaviour has gotten progressively worse and other health specialists say she has bipolar disorder.

Prior to her sixteenth birthday she spent some time in the adolescent unit of a treatment centre which specializes in treating depression, among other things.  She’s a very trusting girl who is not very well aware of when she is in a dangerous or threatening situation.  As a parent, this causes me to lose sleep at night when I think of her being on her own and living in a big city as she has chosen to do.

When she was released from hospital at age 16 she became aggressive and would sometimes verbally attack me. She would sometimes also verbally and physically attack her dad when she decided to visit us.  She didn’t return to the family home, even though I wanted her to, and because of her age the authorities would not allow me to have access to the address of her current residence.  I had wanted to visit her and make sure she was okay and plead with her to come home.

School had also been a troubling time for my daughter.  She never told me outright but she hinted that something sexual had happened to her.  I knew that some Sikhs had been bullying her and I wondered if they’d touched her inappropriately as one of the non-Sikh boys had done.  Years later she would admit to me that she had been sodomized by a variety of Muslim men operating in gangs.  But after that stay in the treatment centre, she moved to a city quite a way away from our home.  A hospital  social worker who wanted to release her to that city, against the hospital doctor’s advice, asked me what I thought was the worst thing that could happen to her on her own in a big city.  I wasn’t aware of rape and grooming gangs at that point and I only feared that she would not have enough to eat, or enough money to pay her rent.

“… there is a lot of Jew-hating being taught and practiced at our universities in the UK.”

My family background is Indian Christian by way of Malaysia, and we also may have a bit of Jewish ancestry in our blood as well.  We settled in the UK when I was 3 years of age.  My religion is very important to me but not so much to my children who sometimes mock me because of my beliefs.  I’ve also often wondered if they’ve gone out of their way to deliberately spite me.  My son, who was raised in an environment that taught him a love for Israel, moved to a university, met and married a Muslim girl in a sharia ceremony and instantly developed a deep loathing for all things Jewish.  He was also taught this hatred of the Jews on his university campus.  From what I understand, there is a lot of Jew-hating being taught and practiced at our universities in the UK.

Mary paid me a visit during a break in her semester one year.  I heard her screaming in her room.

Panicked, I ran upstairs to see what the matter was.  She was asking two Muslim men how they got hold of her number.  She was screaming at them and they had the audacity to tell her that they would report her to the police. One of them sent a sexually explicit picture to her phone. I obtained their numbers, spoke to them on the phone, told them what I thought of them and threatened them.

They laughed.  They didn’t care.

We reported this to our local police. I asked Mary what was going on and she began to fill in parts of a larger picture for me. She told me a Muslim man was sharing her number to other Muslim men.  When Mary told me that story my second-eldest daughter, who was visiting at the same time, told her to pack her bags and she took her back to the city where they were living and studying. My second-eldest daughter said there should be no police involvement as the Muslim men would kill her.

“They took her to a flat after giving  her drugs.”

Mary returned to the city that night.  On her next visit to me  I asked her if the two men had contacted her again.  She said that she had been at an Israeli dance-class and needed a lift home.  She told me that these two Muslim men called her whilst she was struggling to get a lift home from the dance  class and as she was desperate she said they could come and collect her.  Before getting in the car I understand  the two men  removed any and all sharp objects from her.  They took her to a flat after giving  her drugs.

My eldest daughter doesn’t like me and both she and my eldest son wield a very unhealthy and powerful control over Mary’s mind.  I should also point out here that my second-eldest daughter has been diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia.  It’s very frustrating for me because all I want to do is protect my children, yet they are all of legal age.  I can’t lock them in the house and care for them against their will, and having mental health problems that are misdiagnosed or being treated with the wrong medication is not helping them either.

“(My daughter) … is the victim of Muslim grooming gangs … (Yet, when) I have alerted (the police, an) officer … called me a racist.”

I feel let down and betrayed and insulted by the institutions that are in place and who are supposed to be safeguarding our children and citizens.  The data protection act was the biggest barrier for me and the one I couldn’t overcome.

When Mary was 16 and released from the institution there was a period of time when I was not allowed to know where she was because it would have been in violation of the data protection act.  She didn’t want to have anything to do with me and therefore no one could release the location of her whereabouts.

The police have also let me down.  On numerous occasions I have alerted them to what has been going on with my daughter – that she is the victim of Muslim grooming gangs.   An officer from the Met threatened to hang up on me, and an officer in my home called me a racist because I mentioned the word Muslim to him.  These men are Muslims.  It’s not for you or I to say they are not.  If they identify as Muslims and claim to be Muslims then they are Muslims.

If they ever go to jail for their crimes they demand halal meals, prayer mats and prayer-rooms as well as imams.  And I also feel let down by the hospitals and doctors who I do not believe have found the correct medication for Mary, although I am very well aware that oftentimes people aren’t taking their medication regularly, if at all, so I can’t fully blame the medical establishment.

I’ve pieced together some more parts of the jigsaw puzzle that is my daughter’s life over the years.  The most harrowing of all was the night of Mary’s initiation into being owned and trafficked by her Muslim master.  She was 16 and newly arrived to the city.  There was a social event going on at the man’s flat.  He locked her in his room and told everyone that she had gone home.  Later, he entered the room when the others had left and he anally raped her while his mother was in her bed in the adjoining room.  How could she not have heard my daughter’s cries?  How could any mother have lain there knowing that a child was being brutalized less than 12 feet away from her?

“Non-Muslim girls are prey and Muslim rapists are their predators.

Rape as a concept doesn’t exist within Islam.”

After that, Mary started to get visits from pizza-delivery men, or else she was sent to kebab shops, and Muslim men from FB would come and take her away in fancy cars.  She was so innocent and naive that she thought all of them were her boyfriends.  They weren’t her friends, let alone her boyfriends.  They were rapists, abusers, and they were making lewd remarks about her online.

Now, her number has been passed around.  Muslims are coming to her flat.  One Muslim came to her flat for a massage but ran off when he saw that my other daughter was there.  These men are taking advantage of my daughter because of her vulnerability and because she is non-Muslim.  Muslim women are kept under wraps.  Many of them, even in the UK, cannot leave the home without a male guardian.  They are kept strict-eye on while our non-Muslim girls enjoy more autonomy of movement, self-expression and dress.

Non-Muslim girls are prey and Muslim rapists are their predators.  Rape as a concept doesn’t exist within Islam.  A woman is a man’s property.  You can’t get raped if you’re owned.  Rape does go on behind closed doors in Muslim households, it’s simply not reported on and it’s not known as rape in the way we Brits understand it to be.

My daughter feels lost to me now.

“The police have been useless …”

She’s hinted at feeling a need to protect me and therefore does not talk about what is going on with herself and these gangs of men.  We have little contact these days and I have exhausted every avenue in order to protect my child and get her the support and help that she needs, both from the police and the medical establishments.  There’s nothing more I can do for her except to share my story and become active in spreading awareness about these gangs.

She’s a grown woman who is living in a different part of the country.  While she might have bipolar disorder, she’s also free to live her life as she sees fit.  I wouldn’t have her sectioned and locked in a room somewhere.   Instead, I will come out of my room and shout out loud on her behalf.

“I will be speaking out publicly …”

The police have been useless and I have told them that instead of complaining internally about them, I will be speaking out publicly for changes to be made to the system that will benefit the British public including the police themselves in relation to their ability to do their jobs to the fullest extent of the  law.

As previously stated, my faith is my foundation and I pray for my daughter daily.


MARIAS Exclusive: Report from Britain-loving Secret Ex Muslim (Apostate) Woman Living in London

MARIAS Exclusive: Report from Britain-loving Secret Ex Muslim (Apostate) Woman Living in London

Here is a report sent to MARIAS from Murtada, a 21 year old secret ex Muslim (Apostate) still living at home in the London Area …

“Islam makes it very clear the contempt
and hatred it has for the non believers.”

Growing up in an Islamic household I knew from a young age that it wasn’t normal to live the way we did. Even though my parents had ‘assimilated into British society’ and I use that in quotes because there was still this very strong aspect of Islamic culture in the background of whatever we did or could do.

Growing up I was told that Allah and Mohamad come before anyone or anything. That we must always be faithful to God because he will be the judge of us in the after life, and if he wasn’t pleased, it would be a one way ticket to hell. (Or if you’re lucky maybe Allah might forgive you eventually and send you to heaven so you can be with your husband, who’s being kept busy by his 72 virgins till then).

On one hand I was being told that Allah loves us all and wants the best for us but on the other hand I was being told that Allah hates those who disbelieve in him, disobey him, question him, commit haram acts just in order to fit into kuffar (derogatory term for non Muslims) society and there will be a fit punishment for those people.

Now as you can imagine this confused me greatly, and I really started to struggle with holding onto my Muslim identity and my English identity. I couldn’t seem to find a way to make them both work together. It felt as if it was either I had to choose Islam or choose the dirty kuffar lifestyle. Because Islam makes it very clear the contempt and hatred it has for the non believers.

So I really started to feel like I was living in two worlds.

You’re never taught to
question, you just accept …

One world in which I could be me with my close friends, a free young English woman of Pakistani heritage, loving England for it has been the only home I’ve ever known. I could be interested in boys, make up, cute clothes, just be a normal teenager. Sadly the other world at home, which was my reality, I was a Muslim girl, who’s thoughts and questions were dismissed simply because I had a vagina. I was told to keep myself dressed modestly in front of my father or any male relatives at all times, I was told that I’m a pearl, that must be protected at all costs.

My father has a favourite saying ‘women should be seen and not heard’. I later realised the reasons for why I was treated this way; Sharia Law and Islam.

I remember thinking: Why do we need to have another law when we have the law of the land in England? Why does sharia law supersede any other law? Should there not be one law for all? It makes so much sense when you think about it, but Muslims have a way of playing the race card against them. I used to do this myself. I didn’t know any different at the time.

If someone said anything against Islam you could just scream “Islamophobia!” and automatically people will side with you in fear of not wanting to be seen as racist. I started to struggle with self harm and suicidal thoughts which made me question god’s existence, something that you mustn’t even admit out loud in a Muslim household.

Again, you’re never taught to question, you just accept what you’ve been told because hey it’s magic sky daddy’s AKA Allah’s word over yours. So whenever I would question my father about Islam, about the violent passages he would just try and justify them or brush over them. (I’ve learnt now that it’s a tactic called taqiyya, which Muslims can do in order to protect the image of Islam.)

I asked him about verse 4:34 Surah an Nisa in the Quran, why does it say that you’re allowed to beat your wife if she doesn’t do what you ask of her? His response ‘Allah has given men a hand over women. They are stronger and more emotionally mature. Plus it doesn’t say to beat her hard, just enough so she can learn from her mistake’.

Hearing this made me physically sick and angry, how could he say that? Does he not care or love his daughters? Of course not because he has no issue beating their mum in front of them and calling her names such as bitch, whore, slut, useless, animal etc. From that moment on I lost a big chunk of faith in Allah.

“Apostates like myself can be
executed for leaving Islam.”

All the talks about Islam and Mohamad being so “feminist,” meant nothing.

However I still couldn’t let go of Allah until a few years later because I was so heavily indoctrinated. Sharia law ruins the lives of women, gays and minorities. It’s beyond medieval and has no place in a country like Great Britain.

In sharia law men can marry up to 4 women, women can be stoned to death if found guilty of adultery. People who have sex outside of marriage can be stoned or lashed to death. Gays can be thrown off roof top buildings, men can beat their wives. Apostates like myself can be executed for leaving Islam. You can be whipped if you say anything that’s considered blasphemous. Non Muslims have to pay Jizya, which is a tax for not practicing Islam. I mean this is a real threat. It’s not a joke.

I certainly wouldn’t expect to feel safe speaking out as an ex Muslim in Pakistan but I should be able to feel safe in my own country, should I not? Especially in a democracy like ours. We all know that sharia councils exist in the UK but they’re functioning undercover, I’m sure police know about them too but are too afraid to do anything all in the name of political correctness.

There are certain cultures and religions that just do not belong in a western civilisation. There are some cultures that will not benefit you in any way. And it certainly does not make you racist to say that. I mean look at Europe; Sweden, Germany, France. They’re committing national suicide. Women are being gang raped, murdered, natives of those lands are afraid to leave their own homes.

These so called refugees are nothing but scum. They’re not fleeing any war they are just economical migrants looking to start a better life. They come from countries that are run by sharia law. These men have the mindset that women belong in the kitchen, they need to be covered or she is asking for it, that they need to listen to the men in their family because they are in charge. A woman must never be seen with a male who’s not a relative or she will be destroying the families honour. But the men can fuck all the kuffar women because well they’re whores in their eyes, they’re easy, dirty, cheap and mean nothing to them.

“Islam … has done nothing but ruin lives.”

This is the mindset that even British Muslims share.

Pakistani grooming gangs have targeted all white girls for those very reasons I’ve listed. I know what this culture is like and the way these people think. Islam has corrupted their mind. Of course we shouldn’t take away someone’s freedom to believe in Allah or sharia law but when their choice to believe in something starts affecting the lives of millions of innocent people, we need to put a foot down and say enough is enough.

I do not want this country to be destroyed. We are far too great of a nation to pander to this barbaric 7th century ideology that has done nothing but ruin lives.

When we say no to sharia; we say yes to seeing women and minorities as humans and treating them accordingly.

(Real name withheld)

Toni Bugle vs Kate Smurthwaite: UK to ban “harmful” gender “stereotypes” in adverts

Toni Bugle vs Kate Smurthwaite: UK to ban “harmful” gender “stereotypes” in adverts

The UK government is planning to ban advertisements it deems to have “harmful” gender stereotypes.

Excerpts from transcript:

Toni Bugle: I don’t think banning adverts is going to create the next scientist … If you want to create scientists, they have an education at school to do that.

Kate Smurthwaite: The scientific evidence does show that young children don’t actually have a particular preference. Boys don’t go for trains. Girls don’t go for dolls. Those ideas (preferences) … are picked up from the environment.

RT host: Sweden has rejected a proposal for a ban on gender stereotypes in advertisements saying it would harm freedom of expression … Do they have a point? … Is this a case of a minority putting (i.e. imposing) their views on a majority?

Kate Smurthwaite: Gender stereotyping is simply the act of presenting women as suitable for a certain set of roles and men as suitable for a different set of roles. It seems quite obvious to me that in 2018 the time has come to move beyond that.

Toni Bugle: It’s down to parents to show children …. you can do anything you want to do, if you want to be a mechanic, be a mechanic.

Kate Smurthwaite: This isn’t the state coming around to your house and saying don’t you do this job or don’t you do this job … the state already regulates advertising very heavily … making sure it’s accurate … to make sure it’s not lewd and lascivious, to make sure it’s not full of nasty sterotypes about people based on their race … and there’s absolutely no reason in 2018 why it shouldn’t step in and say let’s make that our advertising also doesn’t promote these outdated gender stereotypes.

Toni Bugle: … You’re a disgrace to women and feminism.