The UK government is planning to ban advertisements it deems to have “harmful” gender stereotypes.

Excerpts from transcript:

Toni Bugle: I don’t think banning adverts is going to create the next scientist … If you want to create scientists, they have an education at school to do that.

Kate Smurthwaite: The scientific evidence does show that young children don’t actually have a particular preference. Boys don’t go for trains. Girls don’t go for dolls. Those ideas (preferences) … are picked up from the environment.

RT host: Sweden has rejected a proposal for a ban on gender stereotypes in advertisements saying it would harm freedom of expression … Do they have a point? … Is this a case of a minority putting (i.e. imposing) their views on a majority?

Kate Smurthwaite: Gender stereotyping is simply the act of presenting women as suitable for a certain set of roles and men as suitable for a different set of roles. It seems quite obvious to me that in 2018 the time has come to move beyond that.

Toni Bugle: It’s down to parents to show children …. you can do anything you want to do, if you want to be a mechanic, be a mechanic.

Kate Smurthwaite: This isn’t the state coming around to your house and saying don’t you do this job or don’t you do this job … the state already regulates advertising very heavily … making sure it’s accurate … to make sure it’s not lewd and lascivious, to make sure it’s not full of nasty sterotypes about people based on their race … and there’s absolutely no reason in 2018 why it shouldn’t step in and say let’s make that our advertising also doesn’t promote these outdated gender stereotypes.

Toni Bugle: … You’re a disgrace to women and feminism.