Leaving Islam — apostasy — can be a dangerous business.

There is a large body of Islamic texts, traditions, and Islamic jurisprudence, that prescribe the death penalty for apostasy: “The conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through deed.”

Muslims who dispute this interpretation can themselves be deemed “hypocrites” or even as “apostates” and thereby subjected to violence or murder, by those who do support the traditional, long-held interpretation. Although that interpretation is not unanimous among Muslims, it is almost unanimous among all current and all past Islamic scholars, stretching back over a thousand years.

In fact the UK has no shortage of Muslims who strongly support the death penalty for Apostates — and within their own family are ready and willing to act on it.

Such was to be the fate of Xavier, a young, British-born, devout Muslim lad, the son of Muslim immigrant parents. A little over a year ago, Xavier decided to sit down and properly read through the Quran.

Like many Muslims who have done just that, he concluded Islam was not for him.

Now an apostate, his family and his Muslim community — ¬†wanted him dead.

“All this because he loves this country, this heritage and the freedom that everyone else takes for granted!” explains Toni Bugle, the founder of MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia).

Here is the letter Xavier sent to MARIAS …

I’m Xavier and I’m an Ex-Muslim.

I was disowned by my family and had nowhere else to turn.

I decided to tell some other Ex-Muslims that I was in this situation and I was put in contact with MARIAS straight away.

MARIAS worked long and hard to get me a refuge where I could stay temporarily till I found work and a place to stay myself.

After a week of multiples to different families and organisations (and a lot of rejections from many), MARIAS eventually found me a place I could stay to sort out my life as no one else would.

There’s no one more willing to help apostates as there was a great risk associated with people like me.

Now I’m working, have my own place and I’m on track to fixing my life and deciding my own future for once.

I know if I didn’t find a place to stay away from my family, I would end up killed*, either by being sent abroad or have it done here