“Daddy was a martyr”

Toni Bugle: … these children need to be taught how to love again … I imagine that’s something they know very little about. It’s no good … (being raised by someone who’s) taught you that killing is normal.

Toni Bugle: … ISIS is to blame for this. Extremism is to blame for this. The parents who were extreme in their beliefs are to blame for this … teaching these children that their parents are “martyrs” … that isn’t “Western intervention’s” doing. That was the doing of those who were extreme.

Salman Butt: According to empirical studies it is Western intervention that was a catalyst for all of this.

Toni Bugle: (sarcastically) The West are always to blame, aren’t they? …┬áIt’s almost like you’re not willing to take responsibility within your own (Muslim) communities that there’s radicalisation going on …

Toni Bugle: We have to deal with the fact that (Islamic) radicalisation is happening all over the country (i.e. the UK) … (but) you don’t want to take any responsibility when you have the (Islamic) verses of the sword … This is what these children have been taught.

Salman Butt: They’re taught that because when a people are under threat of being wiped out, then the people who talk the toughest game, they rise to prominence. A well-rounded Islamic identity is actually a “firewall”, a preventative measure to political violence.

Toni Bugle: They need LESS Islam, not more of it.