As a 38 year old woman from a small town in Wales, myself or my family have never experienced racism, until last week when my daughter of 6 experienced it for the first time.

It was her birthday and she was excitedly inviting her friends in class to a party and ironically invited 3 of her closest friends in school.

They returned the next day and returned the invitation saying they were not allowed to attend any Christian birthday because they “Muslims“ were clean and my daughter was dirty.

As you can imagine at 6 years old she was confused and upset and I had to console her.

I did bring this to the schools attention but I had no other correspondence and the next week they took the children to a Mosque.

How can we solve the problems at hand if we don’t even respect for the basics of each others cultures.

I actually feel empathy for those three, bright, intelligent girls who’s minds are already being infected by an intolerant ideology, all the future rules they will have to adhere to and the oppression they will suffer, all in the name of Allah.

Joanna Darwin