Seven years ago, when she was 14 years old, Jade was sexually harassed, intimidated, humiliated and almost raped by a local gang of Muslims.

Police and Social Services provided zero assistance.

Thankfully, she escaped, but — as the above map shows — many, many other innocent British girls have not. In fact the above map is just the tip of the iceberg.

“… police, social services … did not help at all. And because of this, multiple girls have been abused and raped by this gang time and time again,” writes Jade.

She briefly shares her personal story with MARIAS.

Thank you for your resilience and courage, Jade. And for joining the effort to  put an end this travesty.

I wanted to write a message to get my point across. Yes, everyone knows it happens with white men . But grooming gangs of Muslim descent are a whole lot different. There’s more than one man, there are many, many men that pass girls around. I’ve seen it happen – there are things they do.

I was now living in a mostly Muslim area, whereas before that I had lived in other places which were mostly white. I have no problem with either as I have a mixed-race family.

It was peaceful and lovely at first in my new area as I was right by my friends and it was fun. Until one day me and my friends went to a canal, right at the bottom of my street. My friends and I were 14 at the time.

There were a gang of Muslim men that looked to be between 17 and 30. They had said hello and were being polite, so we started being friendly back. One came over, picking me up from behind and shouting “fresh white P****’”.

I was disgusted and told him to put me down — which he refused to do. So in the end one of the other lads told him to put me down. They still wouldn’t let us walk off, they had been pulling on our arms, trying to give us vodka and asking us to join them at a party. We said no. At no point did these men ask for our ages.

“We were harassed (and) called dirty white trash, white whore …”

We returned to my house as it was right by the canal. In the next few weeks we were harassed by these men, getting called white trash, white whore if we ever refused to talk to them. There were days where I wouldn’t go out unless my friend’s Dad came and got me, as I was scared of them.

My parents had already contacted the police about them but all they had to say on the matter was that some of the men in question held existing ASBOs (Anti-Social Behavioural Orders) which should prevent them causing more trouble.

A few weeks later my friends and I were walking back to my house. We had been out and it was around 6 pm. We had nearly got back to mine, when the group of them stopped us. They just wouldn’t let go of us. They acted as though it was some big joke but were clearly being forceful with us – which terrified us.

They were trying to pass us drugs, trying to get us to smoke weed and drink alcohol. There was this older white girl who was off her face – her pupils were enlarged and couldn’t stop talking. They kept plying her with more. She had this black eye and told us that some of them had lamped her, but it was fine since they were her party buddies.

I didn’t know what to do or say at that point. I was silent, couldn’t speak. I didn’t want to say anything in case I was next. My heart was racing and I kept looking at my friend, who kept exchanging glances with me. Now and then we would whisper to each other, ‘’should we go home now?’’ But every time we would try, at least 3 men would pull us back and pressure us to stay. At that point they wouldn’t let us go, so we found ourselves in a car; being taken to a flat unknown to us, to people we had never met before.

The men refused to drop us home, telling us they wouldn’t waste a chance to party. Once we arrived, we were told to have some drinks — which my friend and I did as we sat down at this dark flat, where there were plenty of strange men drinking and drugging everywhere.

These men kept trying to engage us in conversations, but we would barely answer them. They would then talk in their language to each other and since we couldn’t understand them it made me more uncomfortable. Shortly after, they started to stand up: ‘’Come in here, I want to talk’’, pulling us by our hands and wrists. I had refused more than 3 times at this point, but one of the lads ignored me and carried on tugging me.

He dragged me whilst someone else dragged my friends but I stayed firm, repeatedly refusing. I still ended up in a dark room, with a mattress on the floor. There was just a set of curtains drawn across the window that I could barely see as the room was so dark. He pushed me down on the mattress and kept trying to have sex with me, whilst I’m screaming “no” over and over again. He kept moving his hands until I moved him out of the way and his hands out from my jeans.

I wanted to cry out of pure fear, but I didn’t: I stayed strong. I scurried out of the room, into the living room where one man was sat on the sofa, repeatedly shouting at my friend until she came back in. By then, the rest of them had filed back into the living room – talking to each other in their language – but seemed to be angry. They dropped us off near home.

My friend and I were shaking, couldn’t speak to each other about our ordeal. Weeks later and we still would ask our parents to pick us up and take us out, staying well away from my area completely whenever we wanted to hang out. Until one night when I was forced to walk home alone as nobody could pick me up. I passed my local shop, 300 yards from my parents’ house.

“Two of the (Muslims) came up behind me … one held me … the other threw water and other liquids over me.”

As I walked past this gang of guys, they started to shout the usual ‘’dirty white trash, white whore’’. I didn’t say anything but carried on walking, too afraid to do anything else. Two of the lads came up behind me which I was unaware of, until one held me, whilst the other threw water and other liquids over me.

They were laughing and shouting things.

I continued to be intimidated by them on 5 other occasions, each time I’d run home crying and sobbing.

By then I wasn’t leaving the house, off school for months which heavily impacted my studies.

Additionally, I was getting increasingly ill with mental health issues.

In the end, my mum and her partner made the wise decision to move from this area, into another closer to other family members. My stepdad and his friend had already spoken to this gang but they never admitted to what they had been doing to me. Instead stepdad got a very rude and arrogant response.

“police, social services … did not help at all.”

I felt I had to share my story, as during the course of my ordeal – the police, social services and school workers – with the exception of one person did not help at all.

And because of this, multiple girls have been abused and raped by this gang time and time again.