After the convictions of Mohammad Rostami, 37, Mehdi Zare, 32 and Amin Kaveh, 35, on a string of sexual exploitation offences, a spokesperson for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) stated:

“These men have been found guilty of the most heinous crimes against vulnerable girls, plying them with drugs for their own sexual gratification … The multiple convictions show a calculated operation of grooming girls for sex and then threatening violence in an attempt to stop their victims speaking out.”

Mehdi Zare (left) and Mohammad Rostami

Amy’s family has connected with MARIAS and asked us to share the following account from Amy;

“I don’t want another child to go through what I and my family have gone through for the last 10 years …”

At first when I was told I would be able to speak my mind as to what my thoughts would be on the effects of what happened and what these people should receive as a time to serve I knew exactly what to say, but when you begin putting pen to paper you get lost.

We all know what these people have done. They took away my innocence, the child that was left inside and destroyed her.

No matter how many times I tried to put back the pieces, they were always there ready to pull at the thread holding me together. They tore my family apart, they tore me away from My Mum Dad and Brothers , so that I would be alone and afraid.

I now find it hard to trust people in general — not just men. I always expect them to want something from me, I’ve lost relationships as I always question why they are with me, thinking that history is going to repeat itself, I just cant seem to ever escape it,.

I have even tried taking my own life as I couldn’t bear what had happened but I am proof today that I am not afraid anymore and my family are by my side helping me put the wrongs right. I am opening my mouth and letting words flow and it has made me feel so much better finally speaking about it and letting everyone know how they have destroyed my life.

The defendants deserve to serve the longest amount of time possible due to their crimes. I feel that this will allow me to not have to worry about them on the streets while we try to mend the wounds and heal, and gives me and my Family the time to do so. by the time they get let out, I want for me and my family to have moved on with our lives. I know that will take time. But I want it to be time they are in prison.

I don’t want another child to go through what I and my family have gone through for the last 10 years because not only does what happened affect the person but it affects all the family.

After doing something like this how can you they call themselves a human beings? If I am able to keep them off the streets, I can sleep at night knowing I’m safe as well as someone else.

Trust me when I say this if I could have, I would have spoken sooner. If I had been as strong as I am today, maybe I could have spared myself and my families pain that we went through also the pain that others went through after I got away.

I would like to thank the Jury each and everyone one of you for believing in me and given me the Justice I so badly needed to get on with the rest of my life.

I think there is no time in the world that can be given that can make up for the damage that was done. But I will be happy and take what I can get out of this horrible event. I hope that my words are taken into consideration When sentencing as I would greatly appreciate it.

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