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Victoria station in London has been evacuated over fears a fire has broken out.

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As many of you will by now know, my invitation to speak at the forthcoming Foootball Lads Alliance March this Saturday has been withdrawn.
My invitation to speak had not been publicly announced but had nevertheless been made some weeks ago by John Meighan of the FLA.
Shortly after the first FLA march, at which I was a speaker, an extreme left wing front group called ‘Stand Up To Racism’ put out a statement accusing me of being ex BNP (which is a complete lie), of being linked to the EDL (which is a complete lie) and that the group I founded, Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia, was linked to fascists groups (which is a complete lie). I have also been accused of being racist yet I spend much of my time helping Asian women escape from abusive situations where they suffer under Sharia law.
‘Stand Up To Racism’ contacted Walking with the Wounded – a veterans charity that the Football Lads Alliance supported – and peddled their lies. Shamefully and without checking further, the charity suspended its connection to the Football Lad’s Alliance.
The Socialist Workers Party – a extreme left wing Communist organisation – put out further statements peddling the same lies.
The Socialist Workers Party is one of the main groups behind ‘Stand Up To Racism’, where they regularly work together with the Muslim Council of Britain.
It should be remembered that none of these lies were repeated by the mainstream media. They were merely peddled on the internet by extreme left wing communist groups who obviously have their own agendas.
‘Stand Up To Racism’ made the following demand:
“If the FLA is really serious about distancing themselves from the hard racists they have to state now that the likes of Toni Bugle and Mohan Singh will not be able to speak at future events.”
”John Meighan says he wants to meet us. Well we need some assurances first.
Are more far right linked individuals like Mohan Singh going to speak on 7 October, such as the fascist English Democrat (ex BNP) candidate Toni Bugle?”
John Meighan appointed a Public Relations Officer to handle the situation and to vet me. As a consequence off this, in the face of the lies spread by the Socialist Workers Party, my invitation to speak at the march was withdrawn.
Obviously John Meighan has the perfect right to invite whoever he chooses to speak at the march he is arranging. I fully respect his decision and I hope that the day goes well for everyone attending.
I know that the lies told by ‘Stand Up To Racism’ and the Socialist Workers Party about myself affected the decision John Meighan made so I feel it only right that I clear these lies up.
I have always been a person who believes in right over wrong never left over right. If anyone were to ask me if I have an agenda, I would say “ Yes, of course I do!”
My agenda is simply to stand up to all forms of extremism such as:
Muslim grooming gangs;
Radicalisation of children;
Female Genital Mutilation;
Sharia law ( Islamic law that sees a woman's testimony as being worth less than half the value of a man and that has been used to purchase buildings in London using Islamic sharia bonds including Richmond house where Parliament were planning to move to whilst Westminster is being refurbished)
Apostates (people who leave Islam) being unable to live without fear of sentence of death in this country; and
Terrorism such as knife attacks, vehicles being turned into weapons, bombings, acid attacks, the list is endless.
I am opposed to them all and that is my agenda. It will always be my agenda and the left instead of berating me should be happy that there are people like me willing to stand against all of these injustices.
Toni Bugle founder of MARIAS
Everyone attending the march please stay vigilante stay alert and stay safe.
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