Baroness Caroline Cox Supports the Work of MARIAS

Baroness Caroline Cox House of Lords

Baroness Cox: “I support the fundamental objectives of MARIAS …”

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There is a growing concern in many areas over the problems which MARIAS seeks to address but an anxiety over a lack of public space in which to do so, without being labelled as Islamophobic, racist, extremist, etc. I therefore hope that MARIAS can provide an arena where people who share these concerns, including courageous Muslim women, can come together to identify problems; put concerns and experiences on the record; work to enable citizens of this country to live together in harmony; promote the rights of all citizens; protect those who are vulnerable and enable all to live in safety according to the laws of this land.

Baroness Cox, House of Lords


Below: Excerpt of letter from Baroness Caroline Cox in support of MARIAS & Toni Bugle’s work ….