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If I was to set up a group to create an all women's MARIAS march, Against Sharia Law and Muslim Grooming Gangs with the Veterans there as security, How many would really attend ? I am asking before I decide to organise it.
I would hold it in London and possibly during the school holidays it would also be strictly nothing that represents your personal organisation this would be a MARIAS March that is all.
Comment Below please so I can see if it is worth doing.
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The number of children believed to have been sexually exploited in Rotherham has been raised to 1,510, in the first official increase in the figure since the scandal erupted four years ago.
The National Crime Agency (NCA) detectives revealed the updated figure on Tuesday in a briefing on Operation Stovewood, the investigation into child sexual exploitation over a 16-year period in the South Yorkshire town. Prof Alexis Jay’s report in 2014 identified 1,400 victims.
The NCA inquiry, the biggest of its kind in the UK, has identified 110 suspects, of whom 80% are of Pakistani heritage, officers said.
Of the 110, 38 have been arrested, 18 have been charged, two cautioned and four have been convicted and handed prison sentences totalling over 30 years.

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Thirty-four investigations are continuing under the Operation Stovewood umbrella, officers said, with six trials to take place later this year.
Of the 1,510 potential victims, detectives said 260 – 17% – were speaking to officers but that police aimed to talk to every victim. The vast majority of victims were white British girls aged 11 to 18, police said.
Paul Williamson, the senior investigating officer on Operation Stovewood, described the inquiry as “a unique and unprecedented investigation, challenging in its scale and complexity”.
He said: “The momentum and pace of the inquiry is increasing and that will continue to increase. Justice is being rendered and I’ve got a very, very committed team that’s working on a very worthy mission.”
Williamson said a “toxic mix” of factors let abusers go almost unchecked in Rotherham from about 1997 to 2013, when the scandal first broke.
He said a failure by police to listen, safeguard and investigate the reports had led to a corrosive lack of trust among victims that the NCA was still trying to break down.
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'It was like a bomb going off: Panic in Birmingham as 'massive' explosion is heard at top theatre forcing visitors to be evacuated as emergency services descend on the scene ... See MoreSee Less

There was panic on the streets of Birmingham and fears of a possible attack after the city was rocked by the huge blast. Police soon revealed it had been caused by a 'technical fault'.

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Breaking News:Asian Man hunted after attempted rape of girl, 10
Published 18:01, UK, Sunday 11 February 2018
A suspected sex attacker is being hunted by police after an Asian man allegedly tried to rape a 10-year-old girl.
The girl had been with friends but was separated from them at around 2pm on Saturday on Kincraig Close in the Openshaw area of Manchester.
An Asian man approached her and then tried to rape her in open land nearby, police said.
She managed to escape and stop a dog walker to ask for help.
Police were called and officers tried to find the man, but without success.
Detective Chief Inspector James Riley, from GMP's City of Manchester team, said: "What happened to this young girl is understandably very upsetting and specially trained officers will continue to support her in any way they can.
"Parents and neighbours will be concerned and we have stepped up our visible police patrols throughout the coming days and nights. If you do have any worries then please feel free to approach them and they will try and assist."
He said a team of detectives were "working round the clock" to find the man, who is described as being of Asian appearance, aged in his 20s and of slim build.
He was also wearing a dark coat.
DCI Riley added: "So far we have a number of witnesses who are being extremely helpful, while we will also be continuing to knock on doors in the area to see if anyone else saw anything suspicious.
"Extensive CCTV is being examined and I can confirm that we haven't received any other reports of this nature in the area over the weekend.
"With the help of this brave girl and the community we have a good description of the attacker and if anyone recognises it or recalls seeing a man matching that description in the area, then please call us."
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Breaking News:Asian Man hunted after attempted rape of girl, 10 Published 18:01, UK, Sunday 11 February 2018 A suspected sex attacker is being hunted by police after an Asian man allegedly tried t...

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