Toni Bugle: Gender Neutral Toilets & their Relevance to MARIAS

Many have asked me why I felt this debate should be on the MARIAS website. What has it got to do with MARIAS’ mission?

Let me take a moment to explain.

Firstly, I am wholly against mixed sex (“unisex” or “gender neutral”) toilets, as they give rise to grave safety concerns for women and girls.

For example, at the moment, if I’m out and go to the loo and happen to be followed in by a male who doesn’t turn around realising his error, but instead continues to follow me in, that would alert me to a possible danger.

If however we have mixed sex toilets, how would I be alerted?

How would anyone know they had been followed in?

The other reason is this:

Muslim men would NEVER permit their wives or daughters to enter a mixed sex toilet.

So how long before we see Muslim-only toilets foisted upon us — to accommodate yet another supposedly aggrieved minority or special interest?

The great majority of citizens clearly do not want and do not need mixed toilets – either in schools or in public.

We cannot continue down this path of fake “liberalism” — where the common sense, time-tested practices of the majority are ignored and sacrificed for the sake of arbitrarily designated “minorities” – to whom we are forever pandering.

That’s why I felt this debate needed to be had and needed to be on the MARIAS website.

Toni Bugle

Toni Bugle vs Peter Tatchell: Unisex LGBT toilets for primary school children?

LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer) activist, Peter Tatchell, claims that knowing whether one is a boy or a girl is merely “learned behaviour”.

That’s why he supports unisex toilets for primary school children and suggests that, unlike himself, parents who object to this lack “sensitivity”.

Elsewhere he’s argued that  children should be taught how to have “better quality sex” and that the age of consent be lowered to 14.

Toni Bugle, a parent herself — clearly appalled by this — voices her objections and defends parents.

In Support of True Feminism

By Ellen

Third wave feminists … are turning a blind eye to the atrocities going on in the Middle East and Europe.

I have been learning and reading about the impact of Sharia law in both the East and the West. The level of misogyny in various cultures and religions, particularly Islam, is appalling. With the recent influx of unvetted migrants from the Middle East into Europe and North America, the western world is crumbling economically and safety cannot be guaranteed. The reason I felt compelled to write about this topic is because facilitating it is what’s causing women, native and foreign alike, to suffer indefinitely.

The thing is, these atrocities to women are not limited to women living in the Middle East.


Fozia Rashid: UK Select Committee Inquiry into Sharia Courts is a Sham

MARIAS supporter, Fozia Rashid: Influence of Sharia is growing across UK & Western countries.

“… why would a non-Islamic country continue to allow these illegal (Sharia) courts to operate alongside the British legal system?”

Every 7 seconds a girl under 16 is forced into marriage… 16 years ago I was that girl, forced
into marriage, literally at gunpoint, by my uncle in Kashmir.

The attitude of the British Government now is exactly what it was 16 years ago.
They say Sharia has no basis in English law, so there’s no need to declare it illegal.
In which case how did what happened to me … actually happen?

After my forced marriage, on returning to the UK, immigration services told me that if my
marriage was not registered in this country, it would not be valid. It was never registered.
And yet after a long fight against the UK legal system, including my own solicitor, at the age
of 21 I had no choice but to accept a divorce through the UK courts. This was despite my
attempts to get the marriage annulled, as it should have been.

Therefore, in this instance, Sharia clearly took precedence over UK law.


BREITBART Exclusive: Survivors of Islamic Sexual Abuse Support Group Founder Banned From Facebook For “Islamophobia”


The founder of a support group for victims of Islamic sexual grooming gangs has been banned from Facebook for 30 days after she posted a video calling out the media for focusing on Islamophobia in the wake of a wave of Islamic terrorist attacks.

Toni Bugle, founder of Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia (MARIAS) has spent the last few years supporting the victims of Islamic persecution including gay apostates, women fleeing Islamic marriages, and girls dealing with years of abuse by sexual exploitation gangs.

Many of those she talks to have been turned away by social services and local authorities who don’t want to deal with the fall-out from Islamic persecution.

But after she posted a twenty-minute live video to her personal Facebook page last Wednesday she was banned from Facebook for 30 days, she believes following an accusation of Islamophobia.