Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia
Toni Bugle founder MARIAS - MothersAgainst Radical Islam and Sharia

Toni Bugle, founder of MARIAS

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  • Toni Bugle’s personal story of violent sexual abuse (by non-Muslim “friends” of the family)
  • Her first encounter, years ago, with a 12 year old girl being pimped out by Muslims
  • Why Toni started MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia)
  • How political correctness is enabling Muslim rape gangs to spread far and wide across Britain
  • Several examples of MARIAS at work — helping victims of Muslim sexual abuse

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I genuinely don't think people understand exactly how grooming works,if they did I wouldn't keep seeing comments like " where's the parents" so in my own rough round the edges way I'm going to try and explain how grooming works using if need be my own experience of gang rape (NOT by Muslim men before people make that assumption) so here goes.
I was around ten when it came to light to my parents that I was being sexually abused they had no idea, not because they weren't good parents or because they didn't care but because he would give me sweets and money and tell me I wasn't like the other kids that I was special and this was "our" secret and I would be I trouble if mum and dad knew "our" secret he even had a wife who always seemed kind and pleasant. So anyway he was the first man that sexually abused me.
After that my dad changed the way he was with me ( understandable) whilst now as an adult I can understand why in truth i was a kid and I just thought he didn't love me as much anymore.
My mum and I weren't close when I was growing up even though now we are closer than you could ever imagine and I'm very very lucky to have such an amazing mum but she was old school "it had happened and we needed to move on and put it behind us" .
This paved the way for my dad's best friend to groom me, I wasn't close to my siblings and if he ever saw them picking on me he would step in to my defence like a superhero, we lived in the countryside and he took all the kids who were neighbours to go shooting with an air rifle, my siblings told me I couldn't do it because I was to small but in came "uncle" like a knight in shining armour who told them " if you can do it she can do it" he promptly set the gun up and held it steady so I could pull the trigger and hey presto I hit the mark right on target.
He was a hells angel and had a big Kawasaki chopper all chrome wheels and polished tank, one day he was giving all the neighbours kids ( with all parents outside watching) a ride on the back of it I lined up for my turn and I couldn't wait and dad kept saying to me " if your feet can't reach the foot pegs Net it's because you aren't big enough and you won't be able to have a go" I stood and I waited and when my turn came I climbed up only to find my feet just dangled and I couldn't reach the pegs.
Of course in typical kid style I cried and showed off about it and "uncle" again to the rescue said " don't you worry Net you get to sit in the best seat, he lifted me up and he sat me in front of him virtually on the petrol tank and as we pulled off I could feel the wind in my hair and what I thought was the safety of him behind me.
I was giggling with excitement and laughing because I was "special" nobody else got to do that.
This went on for years and I trusted him implicitly if he had told me night was day and day was night I would have believed him.
This is why I was allowed to go stay with him and his wife and kids for a couple of days because I had been fighting with my middle brother and "uncle" said come stay at ours for a few days.
The first night there was the night I was ganged raped. I wasn't vulnerable because of my parents or bad home life I was vulnerable because of what had already happened to me and he built my trust up over many years.
The girls or all these towns 76 now in total may have been groomed in a different way but ultimately grooming​ is about gaining trust once you trust them they rape, after or in my case during the rape threats are made against not just yourself but your family to.
Told in detail what they will do you your family so now you have this thing inside you that compels you to do "WHATEVER" it takes to protect your family for me it was not being around my family so I could never be tempted to tell, with girls of grooming gangs in the UK it is more a case of letting them continue to abuse them anything to ensure they don't hurt your family .
Obviously each case is different but I wanted people to understand how grooming can work why it works and why parent blaming is unfair and wrong.
Sorry for the long drawn out explanation but I felt it was needed.
I would also like to add nobody went to prison as fear stopped me from going to court. A statement was given but no charges brought that is my biggest regret and something I've had to live with since I was 15.
Toni Bugle.
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So he equates young girls being raped with Eating Dog Shit!!! he say's that just wouldn't happen and if it does well "That is the social workers fault" not the man doing the raping !!! ... See MoreSee Less

We've posted this before, but the video stopped working for some reason? So we'll post it again!! #ThreeGirls #Rotherham #Taharrush

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