Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia
Toni Bugle founder MARIAS - MothersAgainst Radical Islam and Sharia

Toni Bugle, founder of MARIAS

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  • Toni Bugle’s personal story of violent sexual abuse (by non-Muslim “friends” of the family)
  • Her first encounter, years ago, with a 12 year old girl being pimped out by Muslims
  • Why Toni started MARIAS (Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia)
  • How political correctness is enabling Muslim rape gangs to spread far and wide across Britain
  • Several examples of MARIAS at work — helping victims of Muslim sexual abuse

CLICK HERE to read a Letter of Support from Baroness Caroline Cox.



Toni Bugle, MARIAS Founder

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3 weeks ago


I try my best to always use fairness but I know that when something is morally unfair it angers me, if we cannot call a spade a spade without someone coming in and claiming its a shovel which then leads to complete confusion then we are in fact as guilty of ignoring issues as those in high positions have done for far to long.
For me political correctness is a curse because it has allowed others to use and abuse it for their own gain regardless of who it fails or let's down.
Often those who are failed are the ones who needed people to be fearless in the face of political correct pandering.

I'm of the thinking that feelings can get hurt but hurt feelings don't kill people and with discussion things get said that may cause hurt, however that hurt is a temporary feeling whereas being the parent of a killed child or a raped child well that feeling lasts a lifetime, so I cannot spare people's feelings if it is something that has to be said in order to actually get things changed.

I get called horrendous names, I get threats of violence and rape and I ignore the words because as a survivor of gang rape I know those words can never do to me what those rapists actions did to me, my life and that of my family.
So be hurt by words then dust yourself down and keep marching forwards for if we do not use words that may hurt we stand to allow actions that will cause a lifetime of hurt and pain that will never heal or leave you.

Toni Bugle 2019.
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