Xavier, young Muslim Apostate safe at last. Thanks MARIAS.

Leaving Islam -- apostasy -- can be a dangerous business. There is a large body of Islamic texts, traditions, and Islamic jurisprudence, that prescribe the death penalty for apostasy: "The conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through deed." Muslims...

Jonathan Nicholas: Political Correctness & Policing in Britain Today

In 2017 Political Correctness harms policing more than anything else. Its effects are worse than staff shortages, chronic underfunding, and even terrorism. The reason of course is that these three main problems in policing are often directly caused by political...

Toni Bugle: Gender Neutral Toilets & their Relevance to MARIAS

Many have asked me why I felt this debate should be on the MARIAS website. What has it got to do with MARIAS’ mission? Let me take a moment to explain. Firstly, I am wholly against mixed sex (“unisex” or "gender neutral") toilets, as they give rise to grave safety...

In Support of True Feminism

Third wave feminists … are turning a blind eye to the atrocities going on in the Middle East and Europe.

Video talk: Toni Bugle (MARIAS) & Shireen Qudosi (Muslim Reformers)

Video talk: Toni Bugle (MARIAS) & Shireen Qudosi (MuslimReformers.com)
Sharing their experiences exposing the methods of Islamic Jihad and helping its victims. And the delusional, self-destructive obstacles of “political correctness” they face daily.

12 year old girl molested & threatened by Muslim taxi driver

A letter sent to MARIAS ... I have been very scared all my life of telling this story; but here it goes. When I was around 11 or 12, I was taking a taxi from my Dad's house to my Mum's house which was around a 20 minute drive. The driver was a Muslim man who had taken...

Imprisoned & Raped by “Peaceful” Muslim Man

(Warning: This letter contains sexually explicit references.) I call these years the lost years ... ... because that's exactly what they were. I was 14, my dad was working 12 hour shifts & I hardly seen him. My mum was a bad alcoholic at this point as she couldn't...

My body was covered in bruises from being beaten with a chain.

To the politically correct government … who refuse to see that Muslims are a problem … the idiots that think Islam is compatible with our ways?

Think again. Open your eyes to the million girls already raped and trafficked by Pakistani Muslim gangs.

Europe’s rape coverup

Faith Goldy (TheRebel.media) speaks with Toni Bugle (Mothers Against Radical Islam & Sharia). https://youtu.be/QILHQepZ06k?t=10m31s

Baroness Caroline Cox Supports the Work of MARIAS

Click here to view PDF of letter of support from Baroness Caroline Cox, House of Lords There is a growing concern in many areas over the problems which MARIAS seeks to address but an anxiety over a lack of public space in which to do so, without being labelled...

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So we have.
Tube attacks.
Bombing of kids at concerts.
Vehicles turned into weapons to kill people
Acid attacks in many cities especially prevalent in London
Machete Attacks
Soldiers butchered in the streets
400 ISIS fighters back from Syria in UK
Terrorist on watch lists yet the Mayor of London has no idea where they are
3,500 - but our security services are using powers to monitor them LESS than they did a year ago
Our Police force is controlled by Political Correctness
Morale is at an all time low in the Police Force
Suicide rates up in the Police Force
Yet Sadiq Khan't say's "London is Open" Open to who Sadiq? open to more terror? Open to Terrorist? Open to acid attacks, Open to radicalisation of children ?
These are just a few of the issues in the UK right now but all I see from Khan't is "London is the safest City in the world" whilst in the next breath telling us that it is "Part and Parcel " of big City life!
We didn't ask for any of this we have said repeatedly we are tired of it but the establishment have ignored us because they do not have to endure it!!
Their children live in big houses with big gardens and parents who can afford to keep them safe at all times, We the average joe do not have such luxury but we do have heart and passion and love of our country and we will not be silenced we will not go like lambs to the slaughter we "WILL BE HEARD".
The biggest mistake the Government made was underestimating us all !!!!
This is not just our country it is happening in it is happening across many countries and they to are tired of the Elite ignoring them, if you poke a lion/Lioness enough times it will eventually turn and defend itself well we are the Lions and Lionesses and we are getting tired of being poked with the Elitist big stick !!!!!
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Detectives have arrested a sixth person in connection with last week's terrorist attack on Parsons Green tube station. Officers made the arrest shortly after midnight in Thornton Heath in South London...

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